What We’re Working On

294 East 162nd Street, Bronx, NY

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  • 294 East 162nd Street Construction Project
  • Bronx Construction Project
  • New Construction Project
  • New

149 Church Street, New York, NY

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  • Church Street Construction Project
  • Construction Project in New York
  • Commercial Construction
  • NY Commercial Construction in Progress

MTA – 6 locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Rising Sun Construction is contracted to complete the roof replacements and masonry related work at 6 MTA locations.

These MTA locations include:

  • Flatbush Empire – 478 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • 143rd Street – 143rd St & Broadway, New York, NY
  • Avenue T – 165 Avenue T, Brooklyn, NY
  • Broadway Cornelia Substation – 1476 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
  • Flagging Crew Quarters – 496 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • Relay Room – 486 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • MTA Construction Projects
  • Roof Replacement at MTA locations
  • Construction Projects in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Watermark Court Square, Long Island City, NY

Situated between Thomson Avenue and Court Square in Long Island City, this New Construction, 27-story tower will have 168 apartments and feature 2,500 square feet of retail space. Rising Sun Construction is contracted to complete all of the Interior and Exterior CMU work. We are also responsible for all of the Envelope Waterproofing, all Relieving Angle(s) Installation, all Brick Installation, all EIFS and Stucco Installation, plus all Stone Installation. Best of all, this is an LEED certified project.

For this LEED certified, New Construction project, Rising Sun’s responsibilities include:

  • All Interior and Exterior CMU work
  • Envelope Waterproofing
  • All Relieving Angle(s) Installation
  • All Brick Installation
  • All EIFS and Stucco Installation
  • Stone Installation
  • LEED Certified Project
  • Watermark Court Square Construction Projects

800 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY

Currently a six-floor parking garage, Rising Sun has been contracted to help convert this building into 28 luxury condominiums with 7,248 square feet of ground floor retail. Located in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, just west of Prospect Park, we are responsible for all of the Interior and Exterior CMU work and all of the Envelope Waterproofing. Rising Sun will also complete the new Brick façade on the north and south sides, the new Stucco façade on the east and west sides, all of the Stone Installation, and all of the Roofing.

  • Interior and Exterior CMU work

613 Baltic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

This New Construction project located in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, is an 11-story site which will have 65,000 square feet mixed between residential and commercial space. Rising Sun is responsible for all of the Interior and Exterior CMU work, the Envelope Waterproofing, and all of the Relieving Angle(s) Installation. We’ve also been contracted to do all of the Roman-sized Brick Installations, all of the Stone Base Installation, all of the Roofing, and the Roofing Bulkhead.

  • Baltic Avenue Brooklyn Construction Project
  • Stone Base Installation