General Contracting and Construction Management


At Rising Sun Construction, we have the versatility, capabilities, and manpower to be the General Contractor for any project. Our commitment to each and every one of our clients is that we will provide and deliver the highest quality work. That focus has allowed us to become one of the top General Contracting and Construction Management firms in New York City and New Jersey for both Ground-Up projects and renovations ranging from 1,000 SF to 100,000 SF.

Every project, no matter the size, comes with a designated Project Manager, Site Superintendent, and dedicated crew. Additionally, when we take on the role of General Contractor or Construction Manager, we assume full responsibilities for all construction-related activities. Unlike many General Contractors, we’re able to self-perform many key trades. That means significantly reduced costs to you.

All of our crewmembers and Project Management team members perform constant training to adapt to a fast-paced and constantly changing environment allowing them to quickly respond to all of your needs. From Conception to Certificate of Occupancy, we always deliver a turnkey product on all of our projects, on time and on budget.

Some of our General Contracting and Construction Management projects include:

  • New Construction
  • Tenant Fit-Outs and Build-Outs
  • Corporate
  • Retail
  • Banking Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Show Rooms
  • Executive Offices
  • Lobbies
  • Public Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Airport Terminals

Masonry Company


When you have a masonry job, you need it done quickly and proficiently. And you need it to meet your high standards of quality. We instill in each and every one of our employees that the only thing that matters is meeting those high standards. That focus has allowed us to become the top masonry company throughout New York City and New Jersey.

To ensure that level of quality, we focus on training. All of our crewmembers are properly trained and certified for both supported and suspended scaffolding. Plus, we have our own, in-house rigger’s license. And we have the bonding capacity for both public bidding and private work, on both new construction and restoration projects. That means, whatever your project needs, our team can provide it quickly and efficiently.

Our focus on building sound structures allows us to build long-term relationships with our customers. No matter how many times we’ve worked together, our goal is to exceed your expectations by producing quality work, on time, and with integrity.

Rising Sun Construction performs the following Masonry scopes on new construction and restoration projects of all sizes:

  • Interior and Exterior CMU
  • Brick
  • EIFS
  • Stucco
  • Limestone
  • Precast Stone
  • Base Stone
  • Coping Stone
  • Local Law 11 Projects

Waterproofing Services


Waterproofing is a key part of every project and one we perform every day. And just like every other industry, technology is rapidly changing waterproofing systems and techniques. In order to constantly exceed the expectations of our clients, we require our crew members to perform constant training. We use our experience and training as a foundation to master new technologies, equipment, and products to provide you, our customers, with the highest quality work.

At Rising Sun Construction, we are certified applicators and installers of Henry and Carlisle Waterproofing Systems for both below-grade and envelope waterproofing. By focusing on providing top quality work every day and on every job, we build long-term relationships and repeat clients.

As the industry continues to change, you and your firm need a contractor that is on the forefront of these technologies to provide you with the quality workmanship you deserve. After all, there is no middle ground when it comes to waterproofing. It either keeps the water out, or it doesn’t. As one of the most experienced waterproofing contractors in New York and New Jersey, we can guarantee that our experienced crewmembers will ensure no leakage.

We are Certified Applicators of all types of Waterproofing, including:

  • Certified Applicator and Installers of:
  • Henry Waterproofing Systems
  • Carlisle Waterproofing Systems
  • Types of Waterproofing
  • Below-grade
  • Envelope

Concrete Services


When building to the highest standards and producing the highest quality, no detail can be overlooked. Just like our projects, the foundation of Rising Sun Construction is built out of our attention to detail. That’s why we’re so intent on ensuring our team is fully trained and equipped to handle any situation.

That foundation, instilled into each member of our team, means that the foundation of every project is built to the same standard. By producing high-quality work for each and every client, we have continued to exceed expectations. That’s how we’ve developed long-term relationships and continued to build sound structures.

Every project, no matter the size, comes with a Project Manager, a Site Superintendent, and crew that works with you from Conception to Completion. Plus, we have the manpower and expertise to increase or decrease the crew based on your specific projects needs to ensure that your project stays on schedule and on budget. No matter what you need or what your project calls for, we have the capabilities to produce the highest quality work.

Rising Sun has the capabilities to perform the following concrete scopes:

  • Plaza Restoration
  • Garage Restoration and Repairs
  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Vault Reconstruction
  • Ramps
  • Retaining Walls
  • Traffic Surfacing
  • Waterproofing

Roofing Services


To become the best, we have to provide our customers with the experience and options to perform any roofing job needed. That’s why our experienced roofers are certified applicators and installers of almost all major roofing manufacturers, including, but not limited to: Siplast, Johns Manville, Soprema, Tremco, GAF, Henry, Carlisle, and many more. As an added bonus, we offer 10 to 25 Year Warranty options on all of our roofing projects.

Our roofers are properly trained for each and every different method of roofing application. That means there’s no project too big or too small. From Conception to Completion, we’ve worked on projects ranging from 2,500 SF to 200,000 SF. No matter what your roofing project needs, we have the experience, crew, and training to tackle your project.

At the end of the day, our customers choose us because we deliver quality, long-standing work, on time and on budget. Our goal is to constantly exceed your expectations by producing the excellence we’ve become known for. That’s allowed us to develop long-term relationships and continue expanding in a constantly changing environment.

Our experienced roofers can install the following roofing types, plus much more:

  • Torch Applied Roofs
  • Hot Applied Roofs
  • Cold Applied Roofs
  • Cold-Fluid Applied Roofs
  • All Liquid Roofing
  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • Modified Roofing
  • Bitumen Roofing
  • Built Up Roofing
  • Glue Down Roofing
  • Paver Systems

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